Re-Opening of Walkway at Ballyanly

16/05/2020 14:38

Covid-19 Guidelines issued by the Government allow for the easing of restrictions commencing on 18th May 2020.  It has been decided by the Community Centre Committee that the Walkway at Ballyanly can be opened so that residents can use the facility for their exercise, but with the following limitations:

•      During the hours from 9.00am to 12.00am, only seniors aged 60 and over will be allowed to walk.  At other times the walk will be open to all.

•      Social distancing must be observed at all times.

•      If using the toilet facilities, strict hand-washing procedures, as advised by the Government, must be adhered to.

•      No ball games will be allowed, either on the Walkway or on other areas.

•      Walkers will be directed to walk in one direction only.  Arrow signs will be displayed, and the walk will be anti-clockwise only at all times.

•      No dogs allowed, unless official guide dogs.

•      The Children’s Playground will remain closed.

•      The Committee are putting their trust in the users and hope that you will realise your responsibility to act within all the guidelines.  Keep your distance.  Protect each other.  Wash your hands.  Keep safe.

This facility will be opened on the morning of Monday 18th May 2020.